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This is a list of pre-installed apps (crapware, bloatware, junk...) on the LG Optimus V (LG VM670). These apps are not part of the "standard" Android 2.2.1 software stack and were added to the phone by Virgin Mobile or LG.

In a standard, off-the-shelf phone, these applications can not be uninstalled. (In Settings>Applications>Manage Applications the "Uninstall" button is dark grey and does not respond to a finger press.) In order to uninstall these apps, you must first "root" the phone. However, these apps are (according to this post) stored in the system partition of the memory, not the user accessible memory partition, so even if you did delete these apps, that would not increase the available user accessible memory. (So, if you are getting a low memory warning, removing these apps won't help.) Additionally, since these apps are loaded in the system partition, you can not move these apps to the SD card.

520 KB Activate (aka SSA in Settings>Applications>Manage Applications)
4 KB airG Chat (not really an app, just a URL shortcut)
220 KB Downloads
_ My Account (not really an app, just a URL shortcut)
_1.67 MB Poynt
_5.93 MB Twidroyd
_28 KB Virgin Mobile Live
_1.48 MB
10.83 MB Total